Album Cockpit Podcast (ACP)

A music and pop culture fan, and his trusty droid, taking listeners on an audiophile adventure. These journeys will be complete with recounting immersive experiences and empowering fans to share the albums essential to their life’s soundtrack. We’re here to celebrate all types of music.

Ross Hollebon (Host)

Ross Hollebon is a Gen Xer who grew up on the Maryland side of the DMV. Pop culture, media, and sports were the intersection of what spoke to him on the outskirts of Annapolis. Some other kids in his Crofton, Md. neighborhood introduced him to early punk, and it melded with all the other music (80s, hair metal, Motown, Hip-hop) that churned nonstop on his Walkman and boombox—eventually, during high school, evolving into those famous opening drums of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

PL-2KT1 or “Pluck” (Playlist droid & Roadie…not Rodian)

PL-2KT1 is a playlist droid inspired by Alexander Freed’s character Chass na Chadic. The Theelin pilot blasts her music and playlists in the cockpit of her B-wing fighter, in the Alphabet Squadron trilogy of novels.

Pluck is salvaged from spare parts and crafted by Savvi at Black Spire Outpost on Batuu. The custom droid is a custom-built, mobile speaker that can play vinyl albums, cassette tapes, or any digital music imaginable.

It also comes in handy for updating the website and posting podcast episodes for the Album Concept Podcast.

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Celebrating fan favorite albums, one track at a time—with host Ross Hollebon, a weekly guest co-pilot, and Pluck (PL-2KT1), my playlist droid and roadie.


An experiential music podcast celebrating fan favorite albums, one track at a time. Host Ross Hollebon is joined by a weekly guest co-pilot, and Pluck (PL-2KT1), a playlist droid and roadie.